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Coming September 2016

Revamping Websites

I have worked the last two days nearly around the clock updating my both of my websites: and, but they are finally looking tidier and ready to inform. My latest book, The Optimistic Food Addict: Recovering from Food Addiction, will be out in late September 2016, and I…

Shaken Baby Syndrome Awareness Week

Each year in the United States 1,400 – 1,600 infants and small children are diagnosed with Shaken Baby Syndrome....Posted by Two Week Wait: My Quest to Become a Mother on Friday, April 10, 2015

Protected: Deleted Chapter of Two-Week Wait

I Just Want to Feed My Son October 15, 2011 at 10:20 pm The most wonderful moments of my life these days involve my son, of course. His first smile. His big belly laughs. His attempts to crawl. His seemingly lightening fast growth makes me pause in awe on a…

Two-Week Wait in the Media

The book and I were on TV on March 15. Here is a clip of the video. It provides a nice synopsis of the story and some video of the bookstore where I will be reading on May 2. Enjoy! [embed][/embed]

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Getting the Word Out

I am not a marketer by nature. I tried in my 20s to sell items to people: roofing materials, cosmetics, and photography packages, to name a few. It just never worked out because I loathe asking people to buy things, and if someone says "no," I believe them. And I…

Write a Review and See Your Name in Lights!

Well, sort of! If you have read Two-Week Wait, I would really appreciate a review. Just visit Amazon or Goodreads or your favorite place to read books. I cannot wait to hear what everyone thinks of the book. As an added bonus, your words could appear right here on my…

Roller Coasters Ain’t Got Nothin’ on Publishing

Wow, this has been a crazy week. My book debuted and then crashed and burned. When my copy arrived, I was immediately smitten. It looked great. The cover was perfect, the font was crisp and clean, and I was ready to share it with the world. I sat down that…

The Best Laid Plans of Mice and Men…

Yeah, I have used this title for a blog post before, but it sure does seem relevant today. I launched Two-Week Wait: Motherhood Lost and Found on Saturday, February 19, 2015 to good effect. I was getting regular downloads and excited feedback, and then... Last night I was combing through…

And the Ball Keeps Rolling

Every day some new aspect of the book gets finished. I am hoping for a book launch at the end of March. I am waiting on a bit more work to be done on formatting. Once it is in pristine shape, I am sending it off. I cannot wait to…