Protected: Deleted Chapter of Two-Week Wait

I Just Want to Feed My Son October 15, 2011 at 10:20 pm The most wonderful moments of my life these days involve my son, of course. His first smile. His big belly laughs. His attempts to crawl. His seemingly lightening fast growth makes me pause in awe on a…

Two-Week Wait in the Media

The book and I were on TV on March 15. Here is a clip of the video. It provides a nice synopsis of the story and some video of the bookstore where I will be reading on May 2. Enjoy! [embed][/embed]

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Getting the Word Out

I am not a marketer by nature. I tried in my 20s to sell items to people: roofing materials, cosmetics, and photography packages, to name a few. It just never worked out because I loathe asking people to buy things, and if someone says "no," I believe them. And I…