Revamping Websites

I have worked the last two days nearly around the clock updating my both of my websites: and, but they are finally looking tidier and ready to inform.

My latest book, The Optimistic Food Addict: Recovering from Food Addiction, will be out in late September 2016, and I am working now on planning my launch, both virtual and in person.

Until then, I keep publishing great content here and at

Thanks so much for reading.


Head Shots and Other Cool Things

Christina Greer
Christina Greer
In all of the years I have been writing professionally (12 now!), I have never needed a head shot. Today, I got one! I really want to make a personal connection with all of my readers, so I had a good friend, who is also a photographer, takes some snaps of me to add to my book flaps and website. It was fun. I told her that I wanted to look smart, but kind and wise, but approachable. I guess I will see soon enough if we pulled it off.

My cover for Two Week Wait is coming along nicely. It should be finished in a week. It features my son’s little toes.

Coming soon to this site: The Optimistic Addict blog with guest bloggers and loads of information about food addiction. Stay tuned, and as always, thank you for your support.