Roller Coasters Ain’t Got Nothin’ on Publishing

A MemoirWow, this has been a crazy week. My book debuted and then crashed and burned.

When my copy arrived, I was immediately smitten. It looked great. The cover was perfect, the font was crisp and clean, and I was ready to share it with the world. I sat down that very night to search through the book for passages to read at book signings. It didn’t take long before my stomach was churning and my heart was beating out of my chest: half of the book was missing!

Even though I asked my editor to check the manuscript three different times for forgotten sections, somehow over half the book never made it to the final copy. Needless to say, I was outraged, mortified, and well, incredibly sad.

Mostly, of course, because I let my readers down, but also because two of the most important chapters of the book–the ones about Nicholas and Samantha–were missing.

I scrambled to take Two-Week Wait down from Amazon and stop all sales. I immediately let the readers I could contact know what had happened and promised a corrected copy as soon as I could order them. I then added the missing sections and resubmitted the manuscript to Amazon.

Within minutes after submission, I realized that the original cover would have to be changed because it was now too big for the new book. I got up at 3 am and uploaded the new cover, waiting for Amazon’s approval.

Then, around 6 am, Amazon sent me an email saying that my book had been plagiarized. The insisted that I prove that my book was written by me and that I had the rights to publish it. I scrambled to find proof and was able to convince them rather quickly that the words were my own.

In that 12-hour period, I had gone from the low of needing to take my book down to the high of it being re-published to the low of the cover being wrong to the high of it being fixed to the low of being accused of plagiarism to the high of it finally being right.

Now, I wait, once again for the final proof to come in. I had no idea that publishing the actual book would be HARDER than writing it!

Thank you so much, loyal readers and good friends for standing by me through all of this. I will make it right. I hope the book is worth the chaos.

Head Shots and Other Cool Things

Christina Greer
Christina Greer
In all of the years I have been writing professionally (12 now!), I have never needed a head shot. Today, I got one! I really want to make a personal connection with all of my readers, so I had a good friend, who is also a photographer, takes some snaps of me to add to my book flaps and website. It was fun. I told her that I wanted to look smart, but kind and wise, but approachable. I guess I will see soon enough if we pulled it off.

My cover for Two Week Wait is coming along nicely. It should be finished in a week. It features my son’s little toes.

Coming soon to this site: The Optimistic Addict blog with guest bloggers and loads of information about food addiction. Stay tuned, and as always, thank you for your support.