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Christina (Fisanick) Greer has been teaching college writing since 1996. She earned her Bachelor’s degree in English from West Liberty University in West Virginia, and her MA and PhD in English from Ohio University in Athens.

She began her teaching career as a teaching associate (not assistant) at OU, where she taught a variety of classes from 1996-2003. After earning her PhD, she moved on to Xavier University in Cincinnati, where she taught from 2003-2008. In 2008 Christina moved on to California University of Pennsylvania, where she currently teaches.

Below is a partial list of courses Christina has taught over the years:

Undergraduate Courses:

  • English Language Skills
  • English Composition I01 (expository writing)
  • English Composition I02 (research and writing)
  • Honors Composition 150 (expository writing)
  • Honors Composition 250 (research and writing)
  • Business Writing
  • Scientific and Technical Writing
  • Advanced Writing
  • Research for Writers
  • Literature and the Moral Imagination (“The Hero across Cultures and Genres”)
  • Myths, Fairy Tales, and Urban Legends (junior-senior level course)
  • Creative Nonfiction (junior-senior level course)
  • Women’s Bodies as Rhetorical Spaces (upper-level writing course)
  • Embodied Literature: Reading and Writing the Body across Genres (senior seminar)
  • Critical Approaches to Fiction
  • Family Affair: Investigating the Fictional American Family
  • Writing as Re-Vision: Rethinking the Feminist Gaze
  • Women’s Bodies as Rhetorical Spaces
  • Rewriting History: Research, Revision, and the Historical Self
  • Making the Private Public: Rhetorics of Published Personal Writing

Graduate Courses:

  • Postmodern Corporeality: Reading and Writing the Body in the Age of Late Capitalism
  • Schooling the Body: Student and Teacher Bodies in the Composition Classroom
  • Appalachian Women Writers
  • Women in the Rhetorical Tradition



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